Google,I am afraid of you.Part II

Although new google services are very useful for normal internet user it is usually also a beginning of the end for competing websites. When google comes in, actually nothing can stop it. Their products are completely for free so no mater what the ‘competition’ will do they are will go down. The exception from this is the cloud storage where dropbox has still more users than google drive. But I’m sure that’s gonna change in few years. It is obvious that whenever google enters the new market everyone wants to use their product. Google is well known and respectful company, this means we trust big G and we have no prejudices for it.

dropbox vs google drive


Google is not only a IT section anymore, it wants to enter wherever possible. Automatically driving cars,online shopping, navigation,smartphones,fridges and tvs’. It is everywhere and if they want they are able to destroy your life – literally. They can use data collected by google chrome, your smartphone and thing you type in search engine against you. Of course it won’t happen, but the thing is that someone there, in Siliocon Valley by few mouse clicks can ruin your life.

google monopol

Of course I’m not heading for to present google as a pure evil. Despite all these disadvantages, dangers and monopoly. Google finances many science and eko projects all over the world. Here are some of them






The fact is that they don’t spread what they have done to the world. I’d say Google stays in a shadow of glory.


  1. Why do you say “Of course it won’t happen,”?

    What makes you think that? They already collaborate with the NSA, handing over all your search data and Gmail useage. I’m sure many people are in trouble due to Google sharing your private data.

    • Yeah, you are completely right. While writing this i was thinking about ‘normal’ people who did nothing to governments and have nothing to hide from them. But the situation where google shows your private correspondences in which for example you cheat on your wife etc – this won’t happen.

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